Suddenly, they hear a rumbling noise, and turn to see a man on a motorcycle riding into town. Upset over Emma not believing in Regina, and that magic is continuing to ruin his family, he tells Violet of his plan to destroy magic for good. ) and take out the bag to hose connector, then connect it to the bottom of the bag. With no other options, Hook finds Henry in the diner and asks him to use the quill to get rid of Emma s darkness, but the boy admits he broke the quill, believing it was too much power for anyone to have. In turn, she counters back it was never their true intention. Henry grabs the apple pastry and before she can stop him, he takes a bite. Inside, Regina is awakened after Pan, in Henry s body, previously knocked her out. Since regaining his book, Henry notices the story of Pinocchio has been added to the pages. As he pores through spell ingredients in the vault, Regina voices uncertainty about being able to undo the Snow Queen s curse on Marian granny hook ups. One night, Emma is proposed to by Walsh, though she is hesitant to say yes granny hook ups. Cinderella volunteers to lead one of them, and Henry and Regina decide to join up with her. He accepts her offer, and they shake hands. Attempting to reach out to Regina, Henry packs a basket full of chocolate, DVDs, ice cream and red wine to cheer her up, but a raven, carrying a message from his mother, arrives. Henry regroups with Emma at the diner, where he gives the room key to her, explaining that he just wanted to let Neal know he s all right. Seeing as it s now twenty-eight years, he steals Ms.

While alone, Henry tries wielding a sword, making a few clumsy waves, before tumbling to the ground. During one night, David is knighted by Arthur and bestowed the Siege Perilous seat the Round Table, while Henry and the others are present to witness the ceremony. From reading the storybook, he realizes the stories in the book are real as well as that every person in Storybrooke is a fairytale character under the influence of the Dark Curse. Just then, Hook strolls in; earning himself a punch from David s fist. While this occurs, Henry remains unaware of the danger he is in. After Jacinda storms out, Victoria tries to convince Henry to leave Lucy and go home. In order to feel like I was accomplishing something, I returned to my handy Adult Granny Slouch pattern… knowing I would be happy with the result. After spotting a magic storm cloud above the Hotel D or, he and Violet reach Mr. Henry follows her out and witnesses the two stepsisters get into a squabble because Lucy is missing. They spend time at the diner where Hook teaches him how to cheat at a dice game. Mary Margaret invites Emma to come too, but instead, Emma sneaks in to leave a farewell note to them, which explains her plans to sacrifice herself to eliminate the Dark Ones for good. The couple lead her back to him but the reunion goes badly, with the poison in Hook s heart growing worse after Alice tries to hug him. Regina considers it and agrees after Henry coins the mission name Operation: Next Chapter. To save her, Emma allows the darkness into her body, causing her to become the new Dark One. This puzzles Henry seeing as Killian and his father are supposed to be around the same age.

However, when Emma comes back the next day with a search warrant, the shovel is gone. Emma is radioed by David, who reports the entire town is caught in a blackout. As Ella tries to explain why she avoided the kiss, she and Henry are approached by Alice, who asks for their help with finding her father Hook..
. This angers Henry; comparing this event to the Wraith attack and how are things different this time around. Enemas, enema syringes and douches have been used as a part of wholesome health practices, hygiene and overall revitalization for centuries. In relief, she and Henry hug in reconciliation. Unbeknownst to her, Henry wishes for a family.  Clearly, the true enema fetishists choice. Before going to finish up her late shift, she also finally accepts his apology. Once there, he phones David and Mary Margaret, who convince him to stay there until they arrive. He finds Cinderella and pulls her into a dance to confront her about stealing his dagger. Upon finding out Ashley is trying to help Clorinda instead of hurt her, Henry asks why since her stepsister was wicked to her, but Ashley clarifies that she was the actual wicked one in their story. They arrive at the mayor s office, in time to stop the Queen from strangling David, with Hook forcing the Queen to retreat. When an asleep Henry revisits the Netherworld, the same woman, Aurora, is there and tells Henry she is with his mother and grandmother and that they need his help. .


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